Say Something!


Inly’s third graders have something to say….

Based on the author and illustrator Peter Reynolds’ new book, Say Something, the third grade students made posters delivering their messages to the world and shared them with the author during his visit last week.

In anticipation of his visit, they have been preparing since January: learning about picture book illustration, selecting their own Caldecott winners, and designing their posters. It all came together when Peter Reynolds walked in the door, and the kids were able to give him a tour of their artwork.

He also read The Dot, one of the books featured in our beautiful doorway…

During the questions, a student asked Peter how he thought of the name Vashti, the young artist’s name in The Dot.  I had wondered about that too.

Here’s the answer:  he was working on the book that would become The Dot in his bookstore in Dedham (The Blue Bunny), and a young girl asked him what he was doing. Peter told her he was drawing pictures for a book, and then he heard someone call to her – Vashti. It’s a Persian name, one I had not heard before reading The Dot.

Three more pictures from last week….

A few months ago, this third grade boy came into the Library and said he wanted to try reading The Lightning Thief, the first title in Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Since then, it seems like he finishes a book every few days. He raced through the Percy Jackson series and rolled right into the Heroes of Olympus.  It’s been so fun to watch him come into the library and ask: “what’s next?”

This note made me laugh. He is so sincere in wanting to let us know that he took a book, but what book?

Finally, a parent sent me this picture of her twins who are at the end of their kindergarten year – and they have discovered chapter books!  When she went in to say goodnight, this is what she saw…

Happy reading!


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