Zero Tolerance by Claudia Mills


I’m so happy to be reviewing books for School Library Journal!  This month’s issue includes my first review for the monthly magazine. Here it is:

As a member of the Leadership Club and an honor student at LongwoodMiddle School, Sierra Shepard helped create the banner announcing the school’s creed: “Rules, Respect, Responsibility and Reliability.” The school has established an iron-clad zero tolerance policy on weapons, but when Sierra accidentally takes her mother’s lunch bag to school, she finds it contains a paring knife. A loyal rule-follower, Sierra turns the knife in to the office, assuming that her spotless record will exempt her from the consequences of breaking a rule. That is not the case. Sierra begins a week-long in-school suspension during which she questions her assumptions about following rules, her classmates, and her parents and school administrators. Sierra also reexamines her feelings about Luke Bishop, the school “bad boy” who is more complex and interesting than she thought. Sierra is a realistic and appealing character whose story will resonate with students who enjoy stories about school and friends. The novel could also spark a discussion about the slippery nature of rules and how they are enforced. Unlike Claudia Mills’s school-based novels for younger readers, Zero Tolerance includes mild swear words scattered  throughout the book, but they seem genuine to the age of the characters. A compelling novel for middle school age readers.

One other thing for you today….

Inly’s school year has ended and our students are hopefully at home poring over their new summer reading list!  So many books, so little time…

A link to the list of books for ages 3 to 14:


2 thoughts on “Zero Tolerance by Claudia Mills

  1. Congratulations on your new role as SLJ reviewer! I’m so honored to have been your first review and grateful for your kind comments on ZERO TOLERANCE. I know it’s a huge responsibility to review books thoughtfully and honestly, so I just wanted on behalf of all my fellow authors to say: thank you.

    • Hi Claudia,

      Thanks so much for your incredibly kind comment. I plan to recommend Zero Tolerance to a few of my Middle School students as soon as school starts in September!

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