A Sandwich and a Good Book….

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Like many schools, Inly displays student artwork around the school – in corridors, classrooms and the library. Because our art teacher has so many cool ideas, the projects are generally awesome and the kids’ colorful work reflects the spirit of the school. This is one of our current exhibits – a perfect lunch time art gallery:

photo 1

photo 4

photo 2

And like the mouse who wanted a cookie, as I looked at the sandwich art, I started craving a turkey roll-up (with avocado) and thinking about how fun it would be to combine this project with a lunch-based story time. The next step was to check the library shelves for books about lunch. While there aren’t lots of tributes to our midday meal, there are enough stories to plan an event celebrating “real” and artistic sandwiches!

For teachers who are looking for a fun end-of-the-year activity or parents thinking ahead to rainy summer days, this could be really fun.

Yoko by Rosemary Wells (Although it’s sushi, rather than a traditional sandwich, at the center of the story, this is a special picture book. I remember the first time I read about Yoko’s classmates making fun of her sushi, I was broken hearted! You can just feel her embarrassment and fear of being different. Ultimately, one of Yoko’s classmates tries the sushi, and of course realizes how yummy it is!)

Lunch by Denise Fleming (A hungry – but messy – mouse and lots of colorful food. Not to be read on an empty stomach!)

Sam’s Sandwich by David Pelham (This is for the new sandwich eater. A novelty book featuring things you would put on a sandwich and other items – like slugs and ants- that you may take a pass on. The front and back covers looks like bread – very cute!)

The Sandwich Swap by Queen Rania of Jordan (A picture book about two best friends who enjoy lots of fun activities together, but things break down when Lily makes a less than kind comment about Salma’s lunch. Salma responds by saying that Lily’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich looks “gross.” Of course, when they actually try one another’s sandwiches, peace returns. The fix is a little too easy, but it’s still a nice story.)

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex (Published in 2011, this continues to be a heavily circulated picture book in the library – and it’s poetry! Kids love it because each poem is about monsters and the title poem includes this line: “They threw tomatoes, pigs, potatoes, loaves of moldy bread. And then a thought stuck Frankenstein as pickles struck his head.”)

Bread and Jam for Frances by Russell Hoban (This classic book was originally published in hardcover, but is now an I Can Read Level 2 Book.)

Pete the Cat: Pete’s Big Lunch by James Dean  (Obviously not a great work of food-related literature, but our kids love Pete the Cat!)

And for the 2nd through 6th grade noon-time artist, don’t forget the most famous lunch celebrity in America – Lunch Lady, the series of popular graphic novels by Jarrett Krosoczka!





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