A Trip to the Blue Bunny

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There’s this bookstore with a great name and a well-known co-owner in Dedham, Massachusetts. The name of the store is the Blue Bunny, which is such a pleasant and cheery name that I knew it would be worth visiting. And then when I learned the store is owned by the Reynolds family – as in author/illustrator Peter Reynolds – it sealed the deal. Two colleagues and I traveled to Dedham yesterday, and we parked right in front of a coffee shop so the afternoon was set. As expected, it was worth the trip. We found wonderful books, enjoyed hot drinks and got lots of ideas for books to add to Inly’s Library.

I loved the store, but when I looked at the books in the sports section and saw my biography of Hank Greenberg, it gave me a little thrill.  In keeping with the season, the Blue Bunny also sold little pumpkins. But not just any pumpkins… these were signed by Peter Reynolds, the author of The Dot, Ish and other creative and inspiring picture books.

One book I was particularly excited about buying was Margie Preus’s new novel, Shadow on the Moon. I loved her novel about 19th century Japan, Heart of a Samurai. That book was a 2011 Newbery Honor book, and it’s one of my favorite all-time middle grade novels. I started Shadow on the Moon (about the courage of the Norwegian people during WWII) last night, and although I only read about 30 pages, I can’t wait to begin recommending it to to students.

As it turns out, I may have lots of time to finish reading the book – as long as I have a flashlight. Hurricane Sandy is making its way toward Boston and, like everyone else, I’m wondering what the next 48 hours will bring. I was in the grocery store earlier today (buying peanut butter and crackers), and the store was as crowded as the day before Thanksgiving. I bought water, but I have no idea why. Everyone else was buying it so I went along, but I don’t remember ever losing water during a storm.

After Sandy passes, if you live within an hour’s drive of Dedham, Massachusetts, hop over to the Blue Bunny.  It would be a wonderful place to begin your holiday shopping!