Decision 2016: Duck or Squid

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The campaign season is short at Inly – one week to be exact.  Today the kids met the candidates:



We started by learning about Duck who, tired of taking orders from Farmer Brown, wins a hastily called election and puts Farmer Brown out of a job.  After that, there’s no stopping the ambitious waterfowl.  He makes a quick stop as governor before being elected president.  As one of our students observed, “he gives up too easily.”  Not sure that bodes well for Duck’s chances.  Maybe a new campaign manager would help.


In a few days, the kids will meet the bossy, boastful and hot pink Squid!  At least his color is bright and cheery, but he reminds me of a certain real-life candidate.  We’ll see what a group of 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders think…


We also celebrated Halloween and, as always, there were a few book-related costumes.

Two teachers dressed as the main characters from Peter Brown’s novel, The Wild Robot.


Another teacher was inspired by the popularity of the I Spy series…


But my favorite costumes had nothing to do with books…..


I’ll let you know the result of the election!


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