A Photo Tour of the New Library…..


Many of you have followed the building of Inly’s addition and new library over the course of the past year.  Tomorrow – after a year of watching the workers withstand the coldest and hottest days, joining students and colleagues at the topping off ceremony, and marveling at the steel beams being hoisted to create a tree in the middle of the library – the building will open.  Although I’ve watched it take shape nearly every day, it still seems miraculous.  The books are shelved. The new return box is ready for the books that kids inevitably find over the summer.  The new books are on display.  It is time to raise the curtain.

The tree grew lovely stained glass leaves…..




Good words are on the wall…




And the magical door is open….





All of the glass – the leaves and the amazing door – were made by the talented people at Coastal Art Glass. To learn more, here’s a link:


Happy New School Year!


4 thoughts on “A Photo Tour of the New Library…..

  1. Magical! I’m so glad I could watch this unfold on your blog. Congratulations! I can’t imagine the students reactions!

    • Hi Melinee –
      Thank you so much – today is the first official day so I’m anticipating welcoming lots of happy kids!

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