Moving In…..and a Visit with Dana Alison Levy

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The new school library is beyond my wildest dreams….beautiful and comfortable and welcoming!  It makes me feel like I have a new job, but in a place where all of my colleagues and our students -and the books – have come along….

For now, though, our reality is unpacking boxes. Lots of them.

The first box we opened was full of new books, and this was the book on top:


The Birthday Crown is a picture book celebrating the Queen of England’s 90th birthday.  Apparently, for just a moment, I forgot the outcome of the American Revolution – even though I saw Hamilton!



As overwhelming as the task is, my colleague, Mary, and I have commented several times that there are benefits to the work. We are handling every book, rediscovering things we want to share with the kids, and making some changes to how we organize our collection.



It’s like settling into a new house.  This morning, I went online and bought a new mousepad – all of it will be fresh and new when we open in early September!


Selecting the perfect book for the inaugural read aloud was easy:


The Not So Quiet Library by Zachariah Ohora will set the perfect tone for our new space!  Lively and funny, Ohoro’s book is about a boy named Oskar and his bear, Theodore who visit the library every Saturday. They start the day in the donut shop with Oskar’s dad who says that “a day of quiet exploration required a proper breakfast.”  After arriving at the library, dad heads to the “nap department,” and Oskar and Theodore are soon facing a five-headed monster in the children’s room! It seems that the monster has been trying to eat books, rather than read them, but Oskar and Theodore save the day with some fast thinking.  The Not So Quiet Library should be in the “metaphorical back pocket” of every librarian who counts on a reliable story time hit!


I took a break from unpacking this week to listen to Dana Alison Levy speak at Buttonwood Books and Toys. Levy’s middle grade family novel, The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher, was a favorite at Inly this past year, and their adventures continue in The Family Fletcher Takes Rock Island.  Set on an island that Levy said is “made up from parts of Nantucket, Block Island, and some of Maine’s coastal islands,” the new book about two dads and their four adopted sons is as warm-hearted as the first.


When asked about how she “gets” the language of young boys, Levy admitted to eavesdropping on carpool conversations between her son and his friends.  “What if,” she wondered as she drove the boys to hockey practice, “the four boys in the car were all mine!”

She also told us to keep our eyes open for her new realistic and funny novel, this one a spin-off from the Family Fletcher books – due in 2017.

In honor of the publication of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I’ll leave you with a Harry Potter puppet that one of our students made this year….


Back to the boxes!


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