The Inly Library Annex….

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One of the many benefits of the Inly construction project is that – for now – my house is the closest thing we have to an Inly Library.  I could send an email (but I won’t!) to our students letting them know that the new books are right here…..



We will move to the new space during the first week of August, but the recent deliveries are piled up around my computer. It’s kind of fun – good music, air condition, and Starbucks down the street. I’m playing library in my family room….we even have the Library robot and a calendar that is still on June 14!


Of course, the best part is having a chance to look at the wonderful new books before they make the four mile trip back to school.  Here are three of the picture books that I’m most looking forward to sharing with our younger students:


Excellent Ed by Stacy McAnulty

Ed is a lucky dog. He belongs to the Ellis family and they are all, as McAnulty announces on the first page, “excellent at something.”  The problem for Ed is figuring out what he’s good at.  The five children  all have a gift: Elaine plays soccer. Twins Emily and Elmer “could add faster than a calculator.”  Edith is a ballerina. Ernie can bake cupcakes.  But when Ed tries to figure out what makes him special, his good-hearted efforts fail.  Ultimately, Ed learns what he brings to his warm and loving family and recognizes his special place in their hearts. This is a funny book with lots of word play and funny pictures.


In addition to being a fun read aloud, Excellent Ed has an encouraging message for kids who need a gentle reminder that everyone has something to offer.


Chimpanzees for Tea! by Jo Empson

When the kitchen cabinet begin looking a little empty, Vincent’s mother sends him to the store to get: “a bunch of carrots, a box of rice, some tasty cheese, a big firm pear, a can of peas.” Simple enough, right?  But…in a gust of wind, the list flies away and Vincent begins to recite the list to himself.   There are so many distractions on the way to the store though – a circus performer on stilts and other friends to greet. Although Vincent tries to stay on task, he gets a bit confused and begins to recite the list with words that rhyme with the original list. For example, a box of rice becomes a box of mice!   It’s a colorful and energetic book that is sure to put a smile on a child’s face.

For a fun story time, pair Chimpanzees for Tea! with Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells.


Lion Lessons by Jon Agee

When I see a new book with Jon Agee’s name on the cover, I order it sight unseen – and I’m always rewarded. He’s awesome.  If you’re new to Agee’s world, check out The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau and Milo’s Hat Trick and It’s Only Stanley – and all of the others.  This new one about a young boy who wants to earn his lion diploma is equally engaging, smart, and even a bit poignant.

More stories from the Library Annex coming….






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