Moving 10,000 Books: Part One…





Lots of hard hats were on the scene this morning as the head of school capped off our new building with our official cow weathervane.  And although there is lots of work to be done, the plans for the actual move have begun.  In the Library, we are talking about how to label the boxes that the moving company will pack and move in two steps: first into something our business manager refers to as a pod (which is probably a truck, but I like saying “pod” because it sounds very sci-fi!), and then later this summer from the pod to the new library.

The official movers will do most of the heavy lifting, but we want the kids to participate.  This was the plan: Inly’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students each selected one book from the library. We asked them to choose their favorite – the book they wanted to be certain made the move from one building to the other.  The kids wrote their names on post-it notes, and then after packing the book, they wrote their name on the box.  Part Two comes in September – when each student will unpack their book and shelve it in its new home!

Here are some pictures from packing day!




The most interesting part is to look at the books they chose!




And from the Department of Other Things…..

These unposed pictures taken in the library this week show how loved Mo Willems is!



Finally….heard in the Library –


A child returning this book announces: “This is a really good book about the New England Patriots!”  I need to read it again. I clearly missed the page about Tom Brady in this book about Negro League baseball players!



2 thoughts on “Moving 10,000 Books: Part One…

  1. What a wonderful way to share the excitement (and responsibility) of this big move with the kids. I wonder how hard it was for them to choose their favorite book?

    • Hi Deb,
      Some of them (as expected) made a bee-line for their favorite! Others wandered around looking at every section….

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