A Picture Book and More Pictures…



There’s a new picture book on bookstore and library shelves, and as Mary Poppins would say, “it’s practically perfect.”  A Fire Truck Named Red by Randall de Seve and illustrated by Bob Staake is about a red toy truck, but it’s also a warm and nostalgic story about family and memories.

Rowan, the little boy at the center, is hoping for a shiny new fire truck for his birthday. Instead, he gets Red, a rather tired-looking truck from his grandfather’s childhood. Rowan’s grandfather assures his clearly disappointed grandson that he will repair the truck, but as the truck gets a makeover, the grandfather tells Rowan about the imaginary adventures he shared with Red. At first, Rowan only pretends to be interested because “he knew how to be polite.”

As the grandfather talks, his memories are portrayed in sepia tones and look like they’re being projected on a movie screen above them. Hard to explain, but it looks like this:


Rowan, of course, begins to get caught up in the stories – until he’s quite literally part of them.  A Fire Truck Named Red is a wonderful intergenerational story that belongs on every truck lover’s shelf.


Two pictures of book covers….

I was in Barnes and Noble last week and these three books were on display:


Clearly, other WWII-based novels are hoping to repeat the success of Anthony Doerr’s  All the Light We Cannot See. The Nightingale continues to be a bestseller.  I wonder if the “blue and black magic” will continue for Chris Cleave’s new novel, Everyone Brave is Forgiven.

Walking around a different bookstore yesterday, I looked down to see that I was holding these three books:


I was looking for a gift, but something was pulling me towards red – rather than blue and black!

Today’s picture of Inly’s new library is the first I’ve taken from inside.  It’s hard to imagine I’ll soon be looking at this view every day —


Finally, this student made himself a fort-like reading nook. Looking around the corner, I saw his cozy structure —


Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “A Picture Book and More Pictures…

  1. I always read your posts, but I forget to hit the like button because I’m so swept away in thinking about all the books you write about! Keep on inspiring us all! I want a red truck of my own…..

    • Thanks Arna!
      So happy to hear from you –
      and definitely check out the truck book. It’s really wonderful!
      We have to connect about our summer reading plans….First on my list is
      The Last Painting of Sara de Vos.

  2. Good morning Shelley,
    Looked the reading fort…did he have food and drink provisions.. Would have loved to see that.

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