A Poem and a Party…


I have two new picture books to tell you about – both of which belong on every school library shelf and maybe even a young child’s own bookshelf because they will be read repeatedly.


First, a beautiful introduction to poetry combined with a delightful animal story.  Daniel Finds a Poem by Micha Archer is the story of a young boy who, while walking through the park, sees a sign advertising an upcoming poetry event. But, Daniel has a question: “What is poetry?”  He spends the week asking his animal friends for their definitions. “To me,” the spider says, “poetry is when morning dew glistens.”  After hearing lyrical answers from the animals he encounters, Daniel learns that poetry is all around us – and by the following Sunday, he’s ready for the poetry reading at the park.

This is the perfect book to inspire young readers and writers to look closely at the world around them.

Where’s the Party? by Ruth Chan has a storyline you’ve heard before. A cat named Georgie wants to have a party for his friends, but everyone seems to be mysteriously busy. As it turns out though….his friends have been planning a surprise.  But wait. Look at this cat:


It’s the pictures of Georgie and his friends that make this book irresistible. Where’s the Party? is a predictable story, but cleverly told with memorable illustrations – no easy task, and this is Chan’s first picture book!  It’s witty and bright. For example, the excuses Georgie’s friends make for not coming to his party made me laugh out loud. My favorite from a dog named Feta: “I have to make my pickles.”

A guaranteed crowd pleaser, Where’s the Party? deserves a place on every read-aloud shelf.

A picture from school. These kids are looking at a picture book during library class, but I love that they invited Piggie to join their group:




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