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Among Inly’s recent nonfiction purchases, are two perfect books for school libraries – books that kids will enjoy as much as their teachers.


Miss Mary Reporting by Sue Macy does everything right. Mary Garber grew up in the 1920s and was an enthusiastic athlete and fan from the start. She even played football, Macy writes in her new picture book biography of Mary Garber.  “Tackle football. Over rough and rocky ground…..and of course, she was the quarterback.” Mary also loved to read about sports, a fact that her sports-loving father appreciated, but not her mother. “Mrs Garber believed that ‘a girl out to behave like a girl.”  After graduating from college, Mary became a society page reporter at Winston-Salem’s Twin City Sentinel. Not the beat she wanted to cover, but it was a start in the newspaper business. She got her dream assignment in 1944. While the Sentinel’s regular sportswriters went to war, Mary began covering the sports desk. And once she started writing about football and baseball, she wasn’t going back to write about parties.  Miss Mary Reporting is an inspiring story about a woman who broke a glass ceiling of her own. One of the illustrations by C.F. Payne shows Mary Garber wearing a press badge reading: “Press Box: Women and Children Not Admitted.”  She’s wearing it while sitting in the press box.


For young wildlife enthusiasts, a new series of books chronicling the days of young animals in their natural habitats. The series is called One Day On Our Blue Planet and the first one is…..In the Savannah, a quiet story following a lion cub through his day.  I know the kids who always request”an animal book” will love this series, but there are also opportunities for studying animal habitats and, as the series grows, opportunities to compare the way animals live and the threats they face from global climate change.

The best part of In the Savannah are the endpapers, both front and back.  In the front of the book, are pictures of the animals a lion cub could encounter over the course of a day. At the back, it’s night…..


The next book in the Blue Planet series is….In the Antarctic and I’ve already ordered it!


In other news….

Every week the Inly Library has a guessing game of sorts. We arrange books on one of the shelves that are connected in some way.  For example, all of the books picture someone wearing a hat. Or all of the book titles begin with the same letter. Sometimes it’s trickier. Here’s this week’s question:


The answer is: March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.  The problem is that our elementary students had never heard the saying so they were confused. Their guesses were “furry animals” and “loud and soft animals.”  Oh well – they know it now!

Wednesday is the 112th anniversary of the birth of Springfield, Massachusetts native Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. In honor of the creator of The Cat in the Hat and other classic children’s books, we have one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish – and yellow ones too!



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