The Best Children’s Books of 2015 – Part Two

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Last week I posted my list of favorite gift books for children – “coffee table” books for kids and their families. Today’s list: picture books.  My nine favorite picture books of 2015 are:


Fire Engine No. 9 by Mike Austin (Every junior firefighter will love this bold and energetic book.  It’s action packed and there’s even a vertical page with two firefighters going down the pole!)


In a Village by the Sea by Muon Van (One of the most beautiful picture books of any year.  In Vietnam, a wife and her baby wait for the return of her fisherman husband.)


Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena (A cross-generational story of a grandmother and her grandson, C.J. As the two travel by bus, the little boy has lots of questions about why he doesn’t have what others do – until his grandmother points out the beauty in their lives.)


Waiting by Kevin Henkes (A gentle and quiet story about a pig, a bear, a rabbit, a puppy and an owl sitting on a windowsill watching the seasons change and waiting….)


The Bear Report by Thyra Heder (Such a fun story!  A girl with a homework assignment is procrastinating – when she should be writing a report on polar bears. But then a polar bear visits her house and she gets more curious.)


Toys Meet Snow by Emily Jenkins (Three lovable toys try to figure out snow!  “I mean, what is a snowflake?” asks Lumphy. “A snowflake is a tiny ballerina,” says StingRay.”)


Lizard From the Park by Mark Pett (Leonard finds an egg in a park one day and decides to bring it home. When the egg hatches, Leonard thinks it’s a “lizard,” but his new friend keeps growing and it turns out Leonard has a dinosaur!)


A Great Big Cuddle: Poems for the Very Young by Michael Rosen (An anthology of poems for toddlers, Rosen’s new book includes poems about real toddler emotions – being hungry or feeling angry – but there’s also a funny poem about an elephant stepping on a  jelly donut!)


My Dog, Bob by Richard Torrey (This book is funny and clever. Bob is a dog who can do all of these amazing things like drive his family to school and make pizza, but he can’t do regular dog tricks like sitting on command.)

New Library Update:

Today was an exciting day!  The steel arrived and they began forming the “tree” that will run through the center of the new innovation center and library.  I’m going to work in a building with a steel tree!





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