The Best Children’s Books of 2015 – Part One



Like Santa, I’ve also been working on a list – but my list is far easier to compile. Santa has millions of stockings to fill and cookies to eat….while my list contains only children’s book published during the past year – and I can write it from the warmth of my own home rather than relying on elves to keep things straight.

As soon as the calendar turns to January, I begin making a list of books that are worth another look at this time of the year. That’s the challenging part – so many wonderful books were published in 2015. If my heart skips a beat while I’m looking at the pictures or I finish the last page of a novel with reluctance (and a bit of sadness), the book is on the list.

The books will be shared during a program at the James Library and Center for the Arts in Norwell on Thursday evening (December 3) at 7:00. Buttonwood Books and Toys will be with us, and you’re sure to find the perfect gift for the children in your life.

I will also publish the list on my blog – in sections. Today’s list is a special category, books that are most often purchased as gifts. These are often oversized books full of beautiful pictures, interesting facts, or maps of places all over the world.


The Wonder Garden by Jenny Broom

A tour of five habitats: the Amazon Rainforest, Chihuahuan Desert, the Himalayan Mountains, The Great Barrier Reef, and the Black Forest.  This is not a research book – it’s an explosion of color and details. This is a book to spark wonder at the magic of our planet.


The 50 States by Sol Linero

I’m going to keep a copy of this entertaining atlas in our library’s browsing area. Those kids who want to know facts will enjoy this busy and detailed look at information about the 50 states – people and places and all of those important things like learning that the State Bird of Ohio is the Cardinal!


Historium by Jo Nelson

A companion to one of last year’s best gift books, Animalium, Historium is a gallery of objects from civilizations, mostly past but some present – like the Pueblo people. An introduction to the world of antiquities!


Atlas of Adventures by Rachel Williams

A trip around the world – from visiting penguins in Antarctica to the pyramids in Egypt. Cheaper than a plane ticket!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!











2 thoughts on “The Best Children’s Books of 2015 – Part One

  1. I am so bummed that I will not be able to make the event this year. Is it possible to obtain a list from you the day after? You know I take your recommendations very seriously and then go out and buy all of the books you recommend for the boys for Christmas! You’re the best. Thank you for all you do!

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