Traveling West (Part One)

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IMG_6501It’s been too long since my last post, but we were on the road in New Mexico and Colorado so there are lots of fun book-related adventures to share with you. Our ultimate destination was a wedding in Denver, but we began our week in Albuquerque, spent a few days in Santa Fe, and then drove six hours to Denver. Lots of bookstores along the way…..

We began our journey in Albuquerque, and although our visit with my aunt and uncle was too short, we did fit in a trip to their local independent bookstore, Page One. I didn’t take any pics there, but it was fun to browse their selection of new and used books. We also visited the BioPark where real live flowers were blooming!  The contrast with our still snow-covered yard was dramatic and it took my eyes a few minutes to adjust to such bright colors!



When we arrived in Santa Fe, we dropped our suitcases in our room and walked directly to Collected Works, a beautiful store near the Plaza. Of course, restaurants, museums, and stores selling pueblo pottery were right outside the door, but my husband and I were in full agreement that the bookstore was the most relaxing and welcoming gateway into a few days surrounded by adobe and kachina figures.

Here’s a look at what they’re reading in Santa Fe….






The list above is kind of hard to read. Here’s the list:

Nasario Garcia, author of Hoe, Heaven, and Hell: My Boyhood in Rural New Mexico

David Morrell, author of Inspector of the Dead

Kirstin Valdez Quade, author of Night at the Fiestas, which was reviewed in this past Sunday’s New York Times Book Review. Here’s the link:

We also went to the New Mexico Museum of Art where these frescoes caught my attention.



The artist’s name is Will Shuster, and admittedly my first thought was of Will Schuester, the character from Glee. But the real Will Schuster is far more interesting. Born in Pennsylvania in 1893, Schuster developed tuberculosis in WWI – which led him to the dry air of the desert southwest where he connected with a group of artists.

As part of the Federal Emergency Relief Agency (a project of FDR’s New Deal), Shuster painted a series of frescoes for the courtyard of the New Mexico Museum of Art in 1934.

In the next post, I’ll tell you about the wonderful bookstores we discovered in the Denver area…





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