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Yesterday five new books were welcomed to the Inly Library shelves – all of them perfect for kids and teachers. Here’s what we added:

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In the New World by Gerda Raidt – It’s 1869 and the Peters family has made the difficult decision to leave their home in a small German village and immigrate to America. What follows are short vignettes that convey their journey: what they bring, the challenges of their journey on the steamship Teutonia, and their travels from New Orleans to Omaha, Nebraska. “A travel agent makes his way through the crowd. He speaks German, sells them tickets for the riverboat to St. Louis, and finds them a place to stay for the night.”  Near the end, the book skips ahead a few generations and we meet the Peters family descendants planning a trip to Germany to learn about their ancestors. The detailed illustrations and text provide a lively and accessible introduction to immigration – and it’s guaranteed to spark conversations about family history.


Peace is an Offering by Annette LeBox – Like many teachers, we talk with kids about the importance of peace – in classrooms, on the playground, in their homes, and in the world. But peace is a big concept to get your head around, and judging from the world’s situation, it’s challenging to adults as well. That’s why I like LeBox’s “poem-in-a-picture book.” It gives a child small acts to practice peace in their everyday lives. “Peace is an offering. A muffin or a peach. A birthday invitation. A trip to the beach.”  The diverse group of kids in the warm and sweet illustrations reinforce the book’s message that peaceful responses to life’s challenges are all around us.


photo 1

The New Small Person by Lauren Child – The arrival of a new sibling is a familiar story, but somehow I kept turning the pages like it was a new theme!  Child’s book about a little boy named Elmore Green who becomes a big brother is fresh and funny and, as always, Child’s whimsical and colorful illustrations capture the spirit of the story. And the “small person” (the name Child uses for the new baby) is really cute….


Over the Hills and Far Away: A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes collected by Elizabeth Hammill – An absolutely essential purchase for every teacher and parent.  I want to show you every page, but it would take too much space.


Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary by Gail Jarrow – The four books above are perfect for our younger students, but Fatal Fever will be added to Inly’s Middle School Library. Jarrow’s book has all of the elements of an engrossing story: a devastating disease, “ghastly” symptoms, period illustrations (like the one below), and an unlikely central character – an Irish cook who worked for a family in a “spacious country house in Oyster Bay.”  Fatal Fever has already received starred reviews from Kirkus, School Library Journal and Publishers Weekly – and it’s the next book on my own “to read” list!

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