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The first thing that caught my eye about Colin Meloy’s 2012 novel, Wildwood, was the cover by Carson Ellis.


The illustrations invite the reader into an enchanted and timeless world.  I didn’t read all three books in the series, but I regularly stand in bookstores and savor Ellis’s beautiful illustrations.  Now Ellis has published her first picture book, Home, and although it was delivered to school a week ago, it’s been in my bag every night. It’s time to return my book and purchase a copy!


But look…..and you will understand my reluctance to part from it:

photo 2

photo 4

photo 3

It’s a warm book with a folk art feel about the idea of home. Even if you’re an old woman who lives in a shoe:

photo 1

I love my home, but I’m looking forward to getting out of it this spring and seeing flowers and grass. The snow can still be measured in feet around here, but warmer days are right around the corner.  And to celebrate the first of April, there’s a conference at the JFK Library about children’s books and art – I can think of no better way to welcome spring.

Unknown-4 Unknown-6 Unknown-5

Sources of Inspiration: History Through the Arts and the Lives of Artists is a full day program featuring authors Robert Burleigh, Bryan Collier, and Elizabeth Partridge.  If you’re a teacher looking for ideas about how to integrate the arts into your curriculum, you can learn more about the conference here:

We have used Elizabeth Partridge’s biography of Woody Guthrie in our middle school. Her book is a great springboard to discussions about music and social change.

And looking much further down the road, mark your calendar (with crayons) for August 15 when the sequel to Drew Daywalt’s The Day the Crayons Quit is published – the new one looks like this:


As I write this, there are two 3rd grade boys in the library. I showed them the picture of Daywalt’s book and they both asked to be the first to check it out!




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