David Carr

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I usually write about books, but one of my favorite writers only wrote one book, and I’ve never read it.

David Carr was one of the best writers for the best newspaper – he was the media columnist for The New York Times. Each Monday his regular column, The Media Equation, appeared on the front page of the Times business section, and his blunt take on the world of television and social media was the first thing I read to start my week. Carr died suddenly last night – at the age of 58.  Just yesterday, I said to my husband that a David Carr column about Jon Stewart and Brian Williams would help me to make sense of this tumultuous week in the news. We received Thursday’s paper late (snow issues), but when I opened it last night – there it was! I read his column around 7:00 and woke up this morning to the news that he had died.

I know it’s crazy to feel such a loss for someone I never met, but I do. I loved Carr’s unique and honest voice. Like many people, I trusted him to explain things to me about this fast-changing media environment. He brought perspective to complex issues, and although his style was blunt and even a little gruff, I could always feel his optimism about the industry he covered.

Here’s a link to yesterday’s article – his last for The New York Times:


Monday mornings will be hard for awhile.


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