More Snow….



I keep thinking of Laura Ingalls Wilder, in particular The Long Winter. I have a renewed appreciation for her experiences – walking through blizzards, no electrically generated heat, and being housebound for months. Laura’s stories remind me to appreciate my warm and well-lit house even though more snow is falling today and we’re beginning to feel a little trapped. This morning the WBUR meteorologist said that Boston has received over 60 inches of snow over the past three weeks – with more expected on Thursday and Sunday and…..

In the spirit of focusing on the bright side, here are some of the little things that make me happy:

My hot chocolate cup….it makes me smile every time I look at Charlie’s cute face.

photo 1-1

Bushes that look like giant white gumdrops….

photo 1

The History Channel’s Sons of Liberty, a three-episode mini-series which I have time to watch….


The horse who lives down the street walking into his (her?) barn…

photo 3

And time to read. I’m caught up on Ukraine and Brian Williams and the Grammy Awards…

photo 2-1

This morning I read Jane Austen Cover to Cover. It was great fun to compare the covers, and choose my favorite and the funniest.

Here’s my favorite. It makes me want to re-read Pride and Prejudice.

photo 3-1

This is my vote for the funniest. The woman on the left has the strangest expression. This cover doesn’t, in my opinion, capture the tone of the book at all….

photo 4

And, finally, this poem by Mary Oliver which I’ve been reading over and over – appreciating its quiet beauty more with every reading….

Such Silence

As deep as I ever went into the forest

I came upon an old stone bench, very, very old,

and around it a clearing, and beyond that

trees taller and older than I had ever seen.

Such silence!

It really wasn’t so far from a town, but it seemed

all the clocks in the world had stopped counting.

So it was hard to suppose the usual rules applied.

Sometimes there’s only a hint, a possibility.

What’s magical, sometimes has deeper roots

than reason.

I hope everyone knows that.

I sat on the bench, waiting for something.

An angel, perhaps.

Or dancers with the legs of goats.

No, I didn’t see either. But only, I think, because

I didn’t stay long enough.

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