Addison Stone and a Report from the Halloween Parade….



Last night I finished reading The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone by Adele Griffin – the perfect Halloween weekend novel: a tragic ghost story about a girl who, after she dies, continues to exert power over everyone in her sphere. A fictional “biography” of a teenager from small town Rhode Island who becomes a star of the Manhattan art world, Griffin’s novel addresses fame, mental illness, and the high stakes art world in this multi-voiced novel. As the book begins, Addison Stone has already died in mysterious circumstances. What follows is a series of interviews, media coverage, artwork, and e-mails that give contradictory reports of Addison’s life. Ultimately, Addison remains somewhat unknowable, but the people who suffer or benefit from their relationship with her come sharply into focus. I would recommend this book to readers 14 and over.

The Inly Halloween parade was festive as always – and there were a few book-themed costumes among the characters from Frozen, aliens, and witches:

photo 4

photo 1-1

Finally, a funny story from one of our parents: Her six-year-old daughter was trying to describe a book she wanted to buy at our recent book fair. She couldn’t recall the title, but she remembered the cover:


Here’s the book she wanted – not bad, right?



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