Bookstore Hopping Through Midcoast Maine….


photo 1

With a list of bookstores in hand, my husband and I took a road trip through Maine’s midcoast this past week. So many blueberries! So many yummy lobster rolls! And so many book-related adventures…

We spent a few days in Camden where we found Sherman’s Books on Main Street. The best part of this store was looking up and finding a sock monkey gliding across the store…

photo 2

It was while browsing in Sherman’s that we heard the sad news about Robin Williams. The man working that evening saw it on his computer and let us know….the feeling of sadness and shock was palpable. All of the customers hoped it was a mistake until everyone’s phones began buzzing with the news.  On a happier note, we bought a book about the best lobster rolls in New England for a friend of ours who will drive many miles for a good lobster roll.

photo 3

One of the highlights of a trip to Camden is spending time in their beautiful public library. I want to apply for a job there, but only for the summer months. As a person with a serious snow-phobia, I don’t think Maine is the right direction for me to move. This summer the Library is hosting an exhibit, Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War, as part of their Maine and the Civil War programs.

photo 1-1

photo 4-1

Another day, we took our first trip to Monhegan Island, a small island about ten miles away from the mainland. It was a beautiful day and we hiked all around the island (which doesn’t take very long), and here’s what we found:

photo 1-2

photo 2-2

It was interesting to be in a place with no paved roads or commercial activity. There are a few small stores, one hotel, and we saw two trucks on the island, but that’s about it. It truly felt like we had stepped back in time. Of course, the tourists taking picture with their phones kept the 21st century firmly in place, but it was fun (kind of) to imagine living in a place with no Starbucks!

The highlight of our bookstore visits was in Belfast, Maine where we discovered Left Bank Books. It is the perfect bookstore: cozy, warm, in a beautiful place, well edited, and a knowledgeable staff – well worth the visit if you have reason to be in Belfast or any town within an hours drive. We poked around for awhile and, of course, left with a bag full of books. Admittedly, I spent most of my time in the children’s section eavesdropping (for research purposes) on conversations between parents and kids. Among my favorite conversations were two boys – who looked about 10 – talking about The Giver movie and a sweet exchange between a dad and his daughter about finding a new chapter book to read together.

photo 1-4

photo 3-4

photo 4-2

I was especially happy to re-visit Hello Hello Books in Rockland. I love this store because it’s clearly owned by a person who loves books. My favorite display is a stack of Lacy’s favorite books – a few of her selections are in the pic below. I share her love for Three Junes by Julia Glass…Hello Hello is connected to a coffee shop. You can order a yummy drink and take it right into the store – the perfect combination!

photo 3-3

photo 1-3

photo 2-3

No visit to Maine would be complete without a visit to Freeport and the L.L. Bean Flagship store. I counted this stop as a bookstore visit because they sell a wide variety of outdoor guides at the store, but I bought boots – not books!

photo 2-5

Back at home, but lots of happy memories and new books!


4 thoughts on “Bookstore Hopping Through Midcoast Maine….

  1. Hi Shelley!

    I can’t comment on the interesting bookstores in Maine, but I feel compelled to jump on the LL Bean bandwagon! I bought my boots from their mail order catalog 35 years ago and just had them resoled rather than give them up entirely….amazing footwear! Sturdy, waterproof – puddle-jumping boots! And we just returned one of their school backpacks after several years of use due to some fraying on the strap; LL Bean took the original price of the pack off of the new pack that we bought that day. Uncommon service and guaranteed products – terrific store!

    Thanks so much for all of your book suggestions! LOVE your blog!

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