New Books and Watermelon….

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An article on The Millions (an online book magazine) website caught my attention: “Most Anticipated – The Great Second Half 2014 Book Preview.”  So many good books coming soon, but I still have a big stack of summer reading!  No matter. As soon as I looked at this list, I began making plans for my holiday shopping. With no reviews read, the two books that most interest me are:

– Ian McEwan’s 13th novel, The Children Act, which addresses whether it’s right for parents to refuse medical treatment for their children based on religious beliefs.

The Dog by Joseph O’Neill. My interest in O’Neill’s novel is based completely on how much I admired his 2008 book, Netherland. The Dog is about a man who takes a job working as a “family officer” for a family in Dubai.

Here’s the list:


Don’t forget to celebrate National Watermelon Month by eating lots of watermelon and reading The Watermelon Seed, Greg Pizzoli’s awesome book about an alligator who swallows a watermelon seed!

Currently Reading: The Vacationers by Emma Straub (review to come!)

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