A Victorious Lunch Lady and A Trip to The Boston Globe

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The votes are counted and have been verified by the accounting firm of me (which means there should be a recount), and the winner is….

The Lunch Lady!

Each spring, during the final elementary school library classes, I display two series of books, give each student a penny to put in a cup, and ask them a question. This year’s topic: which series do you like better?  The Lunch Lady series by Jarrett Krosoczka beat Geronimo Stilton – by the slimmest of margins.  The prizes for playing: a bookmark reflecting your allegiance!



Besides election day, yesterday was especially fun because the 3rd grade class took a field trip to The Boston Globe and I was able to tag along. It occurred to me on the drive in, that although I’ve been in the lobby of the Globe building many times, I had never visited the news room or the presses.  It was fun to see the 1800-pound roles of paper, but I wondered how many years it would be before the paper would no longer be needed and the whole “Globe” would be on-line.

photo 1

Not surprisingly, the kids were most fascinated by the robots with fork lift arms that carry the paper along tracks on the floor.  The robots were at their charging stations when we first went into the temperature-controlled paper room, but it wasn’t long before one of them sprang into action. Our tour guide told us that the presses are used for more than printing the Globe. They print The China Daily (which is actually a weekly) and The Boston Herald. They also print my own daily paper – the New England edition of The New York Times.

photo 4


photo 5

We weren’t permitted to take pictures in the newsroom, but were told there are 360 journalists who work for the Globe, including reporters, photographers and social media mavens. What most interested me was a stack of books on the floor. They were advanced reading copies of new novels – clearly sent to the Globe in the hopes of a review. I was tempted to stop and “tie my shoe” so I could look through them. But then I imagined a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and worried that if I strayed from the tour, I would be captured by an Oompa Loompa!

Speaking of which, one of our students made this very cool project based on Charlie’s adventures…





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