Fun with Picture Books….


There were elves in the Library – but they left a note.


While I was away from my desk (or pretending not to look!) two 3rd grade girls did some decorating. They decided, quite logically, that the book-related plush toys should be displayed with their corresponding book on the library shelves.  It’s particularly awesome that in their letter to the “sudents,” the girls wrote from the point of view of the toys – the George they refer to is the curious monkey.







In other picture book news this week, our Children’s House classes completed their author studies. Along with reading stacks of books, they took out the art supplies and got to work….

One classroom learned about the joyous and colorful world of Lois Ehlert, the author and illustrator of children’s classics celebrating the natural world, including Planting a Rainbow and Eating the Alphabet. With the help of their teachers, this is what the kids made:



Another classroom read books by the Superstar  – Mo Willems.  Seriously, if you work with a group of kids ages 8 and under and you want to make them ALL happy, just pull out any book by Willems and your work is done. This classroom had some fun with Willems’ Knuffle Bunny series. At the suggestion of an older student, the teachers took pictures of the kids and displayed them Knuffle Bunny- style!




I’ll share the other projects (Grace Lin and Patricia Polacco) in my next post….


2 thoughts on “Fun with Picture Books….

  1. What a wonderful library, where the characters in picture books feel safe and free to roam around, read their stories, and get comfortable on the shelves…very cute!!!!

    • Hi Valerie,
      I agree! By the way, the student I referred to who thought of the Mo Willems project is someone you know very well!

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