Get Your Popcorn!


There were many book to film adaptations in 2013 – most of which I didn’t see.  Like any devoted reader, I’m initially curious when a book is turned into a movie, but then I see it and am usually disappointed. It’s hard not to be – given the limitations of the screen and the length of a movie versus the unlimited space of a book. Although….The Hunger Games was awesome, and I’ve always thought the adaptation of Holes by Louis Sachar was pretty successful.

2014 promises to be another big year for movies based on best-selling novels.  Here are a few to watch out for:


The Fault in Our Stars – June 6.  (brought to the big screen by the same people who made The Perks of Being a Wallflower and starring actors from Divergent.)


The Giver – August 15 (Very nervous about this movie because the book is perfect. But Meryl Streep is in it. That makes me more optimistic.)


Mockingjay – November 21 (I wonder how many records for opening weekend ticket sales it will break?)


Gone Girl – October 3  (So curious about this one….Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris.)

The picture below was taken at school yesterday. The kids were “crossing themselves” for a snow day. It worked!  No school today…


4 thoughts on “Get Your Popcorn!

  1. That photo of the kids is great!

    I love movies, but I especially love watching movies based on books–I either get the pleasure of panning them for being poor interpretations or the more rare pleasure of admiring a director who saw something that I didn’t in a book and brought it to light.

    • Hi Emily,
      I agree! And sometimes, as was the case with Holes, I watch it thinking…that’s exactly how I pictured it!

  2. Also coming out is Maze Runner; Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day; Divergent; Paddington; Tom Sawyer (w/ Val Kilmer); and Here Be Monsters. Not all of them promising.

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