Tricks and Treats!

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The trick or treating season began a month before the orange-letter day when Debbie Leppanen, the author of Trick-Or-Treat: A Happy Haunter’s Halloween, visited Inly yesterday.  Admittedly, before Debbie arrived, I thought maybe September 30 was too early to begin reading Halloween poems – but the kids got right into the “spirit!”  As soon as Debbie asked them to think of words that describe Halloween, they were ready to go.  We heard all of the words you would expect (like candy,) but there were a few more creative ideas. My favorite was “doorbells.”


Debbie’s book, her first, is a delightful collection of poetry for young children, and the brightly-colored illustrations by Tad Carpenter are perfect. They made me think of vintage Halloween cards.  One good thing about Carpenter’s pictures is that even though a few of the poems are a bit chilling, the accompanying picture are so funny that they reassure young readers. Here’s one of the poems from Trick-or-Treat:

Cold Bones

Can anybody tell me

(if anybody knows)

why skeletons aren’t freezing

when they don’t wear any clothes?

If you live south of Boston and want to hear Debbie reading her poetry, she will be at Buttonwood Books and Toys in Cohasset on Saturday (October 5) at 1:00.

Another treat for you….look at this picture:


I saw it on one of my favorite websites in the whole world wide web: Humans of New York.  I’ve written about this project before; the premise is just what it says – humans who live in New York. It is a daily reminder of the richness and diversity of the human experience, and in a way I can’t articulate very well, I find it very “spiritual.”  It’s a website that reminds me that everyone’s life is a story. On a book related note, Humans of New York (in hardcover book form) by the photographer, Brandon Stanton, will be out on October 15th.  By the way, the dad in the picture is reading Little Bear!  Here’s a link to the website:


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