First Lines From the Library Mural



Inspired by a display she saw in a bookstore, Liz, our very creative admissions director, created a beautiful garden of books to welcome our students back to the school library.

Years ago, one of our former students, painted this whimsical mural for our library.  As you can imagine, the mural is often referred to during story time, especially when a student raises their hand to ask “Who is that woman (on the right) wearing the hat?” Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, of course!


With that as a starting point, Liz collected discarded paperback books, took the first line in each of them, and turned it into a game for the kids.  There are two versions. For the younger children, there is a matching game: draw a line between “In the great green room there was a telephone…” and Goodnight Moon.

The challenge version is more demanding!  No list of books provided on this one – and some of the first lines aren’t immediately recognizable. Like this one:  “What a funny sight it is to see a brood of ducklings with a hen!”  Answer: Jemima Puddle-Duck.

Here’s my favorite one:


It’s really fun for the kids. No prizes for the correct answers of course – only the satisfaction that at eight-years-old, you can consider yourself well read!



2 thoughts on “First Lines From the Library Mural

  1. I thought the same Deb.
    Thanks for the post Shelley. They had caught my eye yesterday morning but I hadn’t time to investigate. I must go back!

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