A New Picture Book – and A Look Ahead…

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Boom : Big, Big Thunder & One Small Dog  by Mary Lyn Ray was not in my stack of new books at school. It was on display in a bookstore and the cover compelled me to pick it up.  Boom is a large (literally) book about a tiny dog named Rosie who is afraid of thunder. Who can blame her?  Sometimes the crack of thunder and the lightning that goes along with it can be a bit intimidating. Like many small dogs, Rosie imagines herself to be “bigger” than she is, and takes pride in her bravery. “Feather duster? Vacuum cleaner? She wasn’t afraid of those.”

Thunder though….a different story. That sends her running for cover. Luckily, Rosie has a good friend who tries to help. The little boy tries tricks well known to many parents of young children – singing songs, pretending it’s something else (“watermelons rolling from a watermelon truck”), and finally, cuddling and waiting it out.  I really like this sweet book. It’s definitely one to share with a child who may crawl under the blankets when the skies get dark.

A quick word about the book’s illustrator – Steven Salerno. The retro-ish, whimsical illustrations looked familiar, but I didn’t place him immediately. And then I remembered last year’s wonderful picture book about the all-brother baseball team – Brothers at Bat by Audrey Vernick and illustrated by Salerno. No wonder I was drawn to this one!


For information about other new books, check out this article that appeared in The Atlantic Wire.  Among the titles highlighted is Fraidyzoo by Thyra Heder, who happens to be a friend of one of Inly’s teachers.  Heder’s book won’t be available until November 5, but based on this glowing review and our teacher’s strong recommendation, I’ve already ordered it. Here’s the link to the whole article:


Have a good weekend…


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