Three for Thursday



School is back in session!  In fact, I can hear kids right outside the library window as I write this post. The library doesn’t officially open until Monday so I’ve been reading loads of new books and deciding which ones I most want to share with the students and teachers.  Books are everywhere, roughly sorted into three piles: big books for big kids, medium books for medium kids, and smaller books for small kids.  It looks like we’re expecting Goldilocks to sneak in after we’ve all gone home tonight.

Each book is “just right” in its own way, but here are three new picture books (for young children) that jumped to the top of the pile:

Flight 1-2-3 by Maria van Lieshout 

If you’re planning a trip with a young child, this is a book you will want to include in your carry-on. It’s a perfect introduction to the airport and a counting book all in one. Graphically interesting with bold, colorful illustrations – you may even want to display van Lieshout’s book on your coffee table along with your Rick Steves’ guidebooks.

Gus the Dinosaur Bus by Julia Liu

Right in time for school comes this delightful book about an original way of getting to school!  “Who needs a bus stop when you have a dinosaur bus? Gus comes right to the door.”  Gus is lovable from the first page. and the childlike illustrations perfectly complement the text. There are many stories about animals who are too big for their “regular” sized worlds, but Gus the Dinosaur Bus proves that when a book is this charming, there is always room for one more.

A Year With Marmalade by Alison Reynolds

First, an admission. I don’t usually read a book about a cat and wish I had one. But I want Marmalade. Marmalade is so adorable that I wanted to scoop her right off the page. The story begins with two good friends, Ella and Maddy.  When Maddy’s family has to go away for a whole year, she asks Ella to care for her cat, Marmalade. At first, both Ella and Marmalade are skeptical of this new arrangement, but as the seasons change, the situation does as well. This is a book about change, friendship, and a really cute cat.

More reviews to follow!

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