Required Summer Reading – For Teachers!

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At Inly, not only our students have a summer reading list. The faculty and staff have their own book club of sorts.  Each spring we select three books that teachers have expressed interest in taking along to the beach, lake, or deck. We look for books that will spark conversation when we return to school in late August, and teachers sign up for which group they want to join. This summer’s options sound thought provoking and challenging…perfect qualities to get us motivated after our summer breaks!

The three books are:

1. Out of Our Mind: Learning To Be Creative by Ken Robinson. Robinson, as you probably know, is the TED talk superstar who passionately believes that we need to redefine the way we educate our children.  Robinson was the guest on WBUR’s On Point program this past week,  and as always, his belief in the power – and importance – of creativity jumped right out of the radio. Here’s the link to the program:

2. The Compassionate Classroom: Relationship-Based Teaching and Learning by Sura Hodson and Victoria Kindle Hodson.  Many of us witness the truth of this every day in our classrooms.  For every device, new app, awesome game, or whatever other cool product we add to our tool bag, a student’s classroom environment is the most important part of their day. This book explores how to prepare an emotionally safe space where kids want to learn, explore and create.

3. Inside Out and Back Again by Thannha Lai.  We are exploring new ways to expose our students to our increasingly diverse world – and to give them the minds and hearts to appreciate every person for their unique gifts and potential. Lai’s National Book Award winning young adult novel is about the experience of a young girl who leaves wartime Saigon and moves to Alabama.  It’s impossible to read this beautiful book and not have a better sense of the alienation foreign-born students must feel when they walk into an American classroom for the first time.

If you’re still looking for a few ideas, WBUR’s On Point’s summer reading show was on today – the absolute best hour of that show all year!   Here’s the link:


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