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I walked outside this morning, and for the first time this  year, spring felt real. Flowers are blooming in our yard, my husband has begun taking a few gardening tools from their winter hiding places, and my son was wearing shorts today.  When I took a walk this morning, I saw people putting a case of cold drinks on their small boat in preparation for an adventure on the North River. I quite literally stood there trying to soak in every ray of warm sunshine that I could. It was a long winter in Boston – followed by the tragic events of mid-April.

This afternoon I looked at some new books, and there was another spring wonder (of the paper variety) in my stack:


Bink & Gollie: Best Friends Forever by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee

The third book of interconnected stories featuring the best friends – and this one is as warm and joyful as the first two books. I enjoyed it from the first page, but it won my heart on page 7, when tiny Bink announces: “Good news almost always means pancakes.”   The girls are opposites in many ways, but they both love adventures, one another, and pancakes!

Here’s something else I loved this week:



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