Lucky Ducklings by Eva Moore

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I should skip a few steps ahead and add Eva Moore’s picture book, Lucky Ducklings, to the classics shelf. This warm and gentle book is based on the true story of  a mother duck and her five ducklings. In June 2000 in Montauk, New York, “Mama Duck,” along with Pippin, Bippin, Tippin, Dippin…and Little Joe, were taking a walk through town when they came to a storm drain. It was no problem for Mama Duck, but for the others who were much smaller, they literally fell through the cracks. A good citizen called the fire department, and “Fireman Joe, Paul, and Dennis rushed to the rescue.”  They couldn’t get the storm drain open. But, as Moore writes, “Oh, dear! That could have been the end of the story.”   It wasn’t though – and you will be happy to know that all of the ducklings are reunited with their mother! It’s not only a good story, it’s a beautiful one, thanks to the pictures by Nancy Carpenter.

Comparisons with Robert McCloskey’s, Make Way for Ducklings, are inevitable – and the two books would make a delightful spring story time.  If you have time for a very ducky day and can read three books – add Just Ducks by Nicola Davies, the story of a young girl who lives in the city, but can see ducks on a nearby river from her window. 

Lucky Duckings will be on Inly’s summer reading list for the first time this year – but I’m sure it will remain on the list for years to come.


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