Piles of Books and Pluto’s Demotion

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Inly families were bitten by the spring fever bug this past weekend. This is a picture of our book return basket after the students arrived at school this morning. On an average Monday, it would be about half this full- but obviously, the warmer weather has inspired our students (or their parents) to look under their beds and clear out the closets where books may disappear!


Earlier today, while I should have been shelving the returned books, I started reading Pluto’s Secret by Margaret A. Weitekamp. I was intrigued by this new book because only last week, a young child asked “what happened to Pluto.” I thought he meant the Disney dog, but this junior astronomer was referring to the former planet’s reclassification as a dwarf planet. Pluto’s Secret is an entertaining – and informative – picture book about how scientists figure these things out. It’s cartoon-style illustrations by Diane Kidd are lighthearted and make the book accessible to children (and people like me) for whom downgrading a planet is a total mystery.

And Pluto – even in his demoralized state – speaks.  “I’m not worried. Whatever you call me, I’m fine out here…”  Good to know!



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