Laptops, Cookies and a Grumpy Goat

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Catch up day today – school work, house work, laundry, groceries.  And a new book to start if it all gets done!  Also, a few things to share with you…

My husband sent this to me and suggested that readers of my blog might appreciate it. I think he’s right!


These next three pictures are kind of “stretching it” for a book-related item, but I did read the Dick and Jane books when I was young – and I know the classic series has been reprinted and updated for the 21st century. Check this out…pretty funny, but I’m not sure what to think. On one hand, you have a captive audience so maybe a good time to learn that Columbus is the capital of Ohio. On the other hand, does this take multi-tasking to a ridiculous level? Can’t a child just enjoy a cookie!

photo-3 photo-2

Also, this afternoon, I finally read Brett Helquist’s new picture book – Grumpy Goat.  It’s kind of like my mixed response to the cookies. I love the illustrations, the cute goat, and the message about how important friends are to our general well being. However, the reader knows from the start that this particular goat is grumpy and  “didn’t want to share.” I don’t really understand why. He lives on beautiful Sunny Acres Farm, seems to be well fed, and lives with lots of cute animals. The pictures make the book worth it though, and you can’t go wrong with a story about friends!


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