The World Is Waiting for You by Barbara Kerley

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“Right outside your window there’s a world to explore. Ready?”  These are the opening words of Barbara Kerley’s new inspiring and beautiful picture book for children, The World Is Waiting for You.  Even the hopeful and optimistic title makes you want to put this book in the hands of a young person, doesn’t it?  Kerley’s book tells kids to “make a splash, dive in….and get your hands dirty” and makes the connection between childhood explorations and adult endeavors real and achievable.  A picture of two boys looking at the sky is followed by a double page spread of an astronaut walking in space – while he’s working on the International Space Station.  Not surprisingly, this is a National Geographic book; the pictures are stunning and sure to inspire backyard adventures.  Like in Kerley’s other books, the backmatter includes notes on the photographs – and quotes from the explorers who, as oceanographer Sylvia Earle, says: “never stop asking questions and always keep looking for answers.”  Keep a copy of The World Is Waiting for You at home (or in your classroom) and pull it out when your child asks “what can I do?”

On a completey different note, here are links to three articles that have caught my attention recently.

1. A couple of years ago, I wrote a a biography of Hank Greenberg, the first Jewish baseball star, for young readers – Hammerin Hank Greenberg: Baseball Pioneer.  But, for adult baseball fans, John Rosengren just published a 392-page biography: Hank Greenberg: The Hero of Heroes.  Here’s a link to the Wall Street Journal’s feature review:

2. This morning’s New York Times included an article about next month’s publication of Willa Cather’s letters.

3. And this is fun – a Publishers Weekly article called “The Most Anticipated Books of Spring 2013.”  Get your notebook out – there are some promising books listed here:

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