Springing Forward!

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I’m feeling a little scattered today, but I’m blaming it on the time change.  We moved the clocks up one hour this morning so although it’s only about 3:00, it feels like dinner time. I know it’s only 60 minutes difference, but messing with the clocks is unsettling. Couple that with the fact that there is about a foot of snow outside which, as beautiful as it may have been in December, is now the last thing I want to see.  So, today’s post reflects my internal rhythm – lots of little things with no uniting theme.

I’ll begin with a question, a $2,000 question to be exact. A colleague from school just sent this photo – an answer from Jeapordy. The question is…..What is Holes by Louis Sachar?


This morning’s New York Times Book Review had several reviews of new children’s books, including this article about three picture books.  I’ve already ordered Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s funny story about an exclamation mark trying to figure out his role on the paper, and the other two books are now on my “to order” list.  Here’s a link to the article:


The other day, during a class visit to the library, it was getting – to put it mildy – a bit loud. I love a humming and busy school library, but on this afternoon before spring break, the energy was high, and when I saw Curious George flying through the air, it seemed like a good time for silent reading.  Once the kids had settled down and the adults caught their breath, I took a few pictures.


Off to New Mexico for a few days…I’ll be on the look-out for good books about the Southwest and, of course, a warm sopapilla!


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