A New TV Show and a New Book

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Over the past two days, I’ve spent about ten hours on trains which means about nine hours of reading time – snack breaks are key. My plan was to get through a big stack of magazines and to leave them in the seat pocket as I finished in case the next passenger was looking for something to read. My carry-on bag got lighter every hour of the trip!  I caught up with The New Yorker and The Believer, saw lots of ads for very high-heeled shoes, and read about the new spring books.  By the time I arrived at my destination, I had added promising books (but no shoes)  to my shopping list – and one thing to my TV list.

I’ve watched Downton Abey since the very beginning and I love it. It’s a beautiful and compelling soap opera and a total escape. But among the things I read on the train was an article about a new HBO series – Parade’s End, based on the novels by English novelist Ford Madox Ford. According to article I read in Town and Country, “English critics have dubbed it the ‘thinking person’s Downton Abbey’ for its depiction of the strengths and foibles of Edwardian England.”  Parade’s End, written by playwright, Tom Stoppard, has already aired in Britain and starts in the US on February 26. I’m curious. 

The new book is a picture book, and you have to see this – it’s awesome!  Open This Little Book, written by Jesse Klausmeier and illustrated by Suzy Lee, is for book lovers of any age. It’s more of a concept book than a story, but I’m going to share it with a group of kids next week. They will love the “nesting books.”  Open This Little Book opens into a smaller book which opens into a smaller book – before the books close again.  And check out that bear on the bottom left of the book’s cover. He is so great!  This would be the perfect gift for a child (or adult) who loves “real” books. It is evidence that some books just don’t work on an e-reader.


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