Snowy Days and a Good Book…

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The last three days have been like a snowy dream sequence. I remember going to sleep on Friday night and thinking we may wake up to a dark and cold house. Now, it’s Monday afternoon and we are going to be spending our second night in a hotel. We stayed at home and threw logs on the fire until the wood pile got pretty low and the thermometer started dropping into the 40s. Today, when we went home to see if power had been restored, the house was at a cool 35 degrees!

Knowing what was ahead, I took a few pictures outside of our front door on Friday morning. Yesterday, I took pictures of the same place. Here’s a before and after:



But…no school and a hotel room allows lots of time for reading! This morning I finished The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. Lots of people recommended this novel to me, and I’m so happy they did. Stedman’s novel, which takes place in Australia, is set in the years following World War I. It’s a morally complicated story about a lighthouse keeper and his wife who find an abandoned boat which happens to be carrying a dead man and a baby. They decide to raise the baby as their own child, but as with all decisions, there are repercussions. I won’t say more than that, but this is a story that stays with you – even when you’re walking around a very cold house. The Light Between Oceans is an excellent choice for book clubs. There is so much to discuss and arguments to be made for each of the character’s decisions. Not surprisingly, I just read that DreamWorks Studios is making a movie of the international bestseller.


One other thing to share with you….Swedish illustrator Elsa Beskow (1874-1953) was the author and illustrator of many wonderful children’s picture books, among them Pelle’s New Suit (1912) a book I used to read to my son. Today, in honor of the anniversary of her birth, her work was featured in Sweden’s Google banner:



One thought on “Snowy Days and a Good Book…

  1. Glad to hear the you all are ok. I was thinking about you guys over the weekend. I would love a few days to just sit around and read. However, life and a 5 yr old keep those times very limited. Keep warm and fingers crossed that you get power and heat back soon.

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