Sunday Round-Up

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By Sunday of each week, I have collected a few book-related news items to pass along. Here’s what I found this week:

In honor of the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, NPR had a really cool illustrated version of the whole story.  Here’s a link:

Another famous British novel – Matilda by Roald Dahl – is in the news. Matilda The Musical is opening at the Shubert Theatre in New York City on April 11. If you plan to be in New York, here’s the link to the show’s official website:

I can think of a few kids at school who are going to be psyched about this. Rick Riordan has a new short story featuring the main characters of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Kane Chronicles.  The Son of Sobek will be a bonus in the paperback edition of The Kane Chronicles, Book Three which will be out on May 7. Carter Kane and Percy  Jackson, according to the author, represent “different sides” of him. “Percy and Carter are my touchstones,” he told Publishers Weekly.

This is kind of cool. A book case inspired by zippers by Korean designers THE:Zoom.  This would be perfect for political books. You could put books about Ronald Reagan and George Bush on the side that tips right. And the books about Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy on the left side. And then there’s that one shelf that connects the two sides. Any ideas?


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