A Coyote, a Rabbit, and a Map

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It sounds like the name of a picture book, doesn’t it? At least the Coyote and the Rabbit part. But the coyote was real. I was sitting at my computer a few hours ago when I felt something moving in the front yard. It looked kind of big – I thought it was a deer. But when I pulled the curtain back, I saw a coyote. A big one. We have about an inch of snow, so it looked kind of cool in a National Geographic photo kind of way, but it was also kind of scary. It was like a scene from Little House in the Big Woods

The rabbit I saw today was much cuter – it was Peter, as in The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  I walked by a Baby Gap store and there was Peter in the front window, the star of their new promotion. I couldn’t resist going inside and taking some pictures. If a few parents are inspired to go home and read Beatrix Potter’s little books to their children, the promotion will be successful. However, I was disappointed that the blue sweater does not have brass buttons!  As a side note, the display made me feel a bit nostalgic. The Tale of Peter Rabbit was my son’s all-time favorite book when he was young. If he was 8 months old, rather than 18 years-old, he would now be the proud owner of a blue sweater! 




Newbery and Caldecott Awards will be announced on Monday. In the meantime, check this map out.  It was created by Geoff Sawers and Bridget Hannigan. They made one of England too. I need to get a bigger copy so I can read all of the names!


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