Weekend Round-Up

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Today was the happiest kind of Saturday – a trip to Starbucks with some good articles to read, interesting Weekend Edition segments, and lunch at a restaurant where the menu had dishes named for fairy tales! 

1. If you’ve been to the Strand in New York City, you know what a great bookstore it is and what a perfect place it is to lose an hour – or four! I’ve found lots of books there over the years that I didn’t know I was looking for and spent many happy hours browsing with my husband and son. Today on the New York Times website, I read an article about Ben McFall, the fiction manager at the Strand. It made me want to take the train to New York, go directly to the store, and stand there until I can meet him.  Here’s the link:


2. On NPR this morning, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer talked to Nina Totenberg about her childhood reading. Sotomayer’s memoir, My Beloved World, was just pubished. This is the link to the interview:


3. A couple of days ago, the New York Times had an article about John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, and other popular and critically acclaimed young adult novels. The article focuses on Green’s growing “You Tube empire.”  Here’s the link to that one:


4. This afternoon I went to lunch at a very yummy Asian restaurant in Central Square, Cambridge – Thelonious Monkfish. Their menu features lots of sushi and although I may have been tempted to order a rice dish or noodle soup, I felt compelled to choose something from this section. Check out the names of these dishes – I ordered the Red Riding Hood roll!


5. This has nothing to do with books, but I had to share it with you. After lunch, we were driving by MIT where we saw the sculpture of “number man” in front of the student center. The scultpure’s official title is the Alchemist, but I’ve always called him number man. Anyway….my husband noticed that he’s wearing a flu mask!  Those MIT students think of everything!


One last thing…. I read this line in a magazine and love this sentence:  “Robert Bolano, in a late interview, said that a library is a symbol for everything good about human nature, the way a concentration camp is also a symbol for everything evil.”  Perfectly said.

Happy Inauguration Weekend!


One thought on “Weekend Round-Up

  1. Who would have thought we’d have an African American Governor and President of the United States, a female Senator, and now a Latina on the Supreme Court! Exciting times for Massachusetts and civil rights…thanks for sharing your interesting tidbits around the city and in the media!

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