Cakes, A Chair, and a Story…

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So many fun things landed in my in-box over the past few days!

First, check out these cakes that some friends saw in a bakery window in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They look good enough to eat (and read), but I’m not sure if I could really take a bite out of a cake like this. I would hate to mess up the picture. On the other hand, if it was a giant rice crispy square, I might be persuaded…



The next thing to arrive in my email was this incredibly awesome chair… my sister sent the picture with a note saying that if I owned the chair, I would never have to get up!  The creative people who designed this chair are Italian (of course), and I love the statement from the Nobody & Co. website: “Twelve years ago we lived in a tiny flat, full of books but with nowhere to sit. Problems are always the best inspirations. That same year we drew the first Bibliochaise.”


As regular readers know, I sometimes include pictures of our elementary school student’s book projects. This morning, while visiting one of our classroom, these two caught my eye:

Mousetronaut by Mark Kelly

(This resourceful student used another picture book in service of his project. The plush mouse is from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Maybe the mouse has eaten a cookie and is ready to conquer new worlds!)


Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes


One last note: A few days ago, a friend and colleague introduced me to a poet whose work I didn’t know – Denise Levertov. I love having a new writer to explore, and I’ve already checked out Levertov’s Selected Poems from the library.

The conversation with my friend reminded me of a story. When my husband and I first moved to the Boston area, it was kind of hard for me to believe that Boston was my new home. Nothing in my past experience would have led me to imagine a story where I lived here. I had a very stereotypical view of the city. It was history, the Kennedy family, seafood and universities. I also knew there were lots of good bookstores. Remember, this was before e-readers. Although I understood the truth would be richer and more complex, I moved here hoping that Boston would fit into my “romantic” view of learning and reading. Shockingly, it did. Here’s what happened. We moved into the bottom floor of a duplex not far from Harvard Square. I knew there was another couple living upstairs, but initially, they were only footsteps walking over our kitchen. One day while I was sitting outside reading, the man from upstairs arrived, and we finally met. It turns out he was a poet – a real poet who taught at a university!  I couldn’t believe it…it was like something from one of my novels. Whenever I remember those early years in a city I’ve come to love, I think about the poet upstairs – an unknowing manifestation of my dreams of living in Boston.


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