Happy New Year!


We were expecting lots of snow last night so we put the cars in the garage, placed the shovels near the door, and went to sleep with visions of a white New Year’s Day dancing in our heads, but it was not to be…..I woke up, threw open the sash, and what to my wondering eyes should appear…..but about two inches of snow!  I’m really fine with that, but I know others (still dreaming) will be disappointed.

In this year-end post, I have pictures from our short trip to New York City, a book recommendation and Winnie-the-Pooh…

We were in New York for a few days last week and had an opportunity to visit the New York Historical Society. My husband really wanted to see the WWII & NYC exhibit which was really interesting and incredibly moving, especially the stories of how people’s individual lives were affected by the war. One item that caught my eye was a children’s book – Scuttlebutt Goes to War by Margaret Friskey. A story of one of the many dogs who “enlisted” in the war, Scuttlebutt joins the navy and makes lots of friends.

Our trip to New York City also included a visit to the Strand, the legendary independent bookstore which has “18 miles of books” and some really cool tote bags. Here’s a picture of one of their display signs. I wanted to take the actual sign, but settled for taking a picture! There are very few people who couldn’t find something to love in a store with well over 2 million books for sale!


I finally read Gone Girl. I know it’s late for me to express my total immersion in and love for this book, especially after it’s been on countless Best of 2012 book lists, but I didn’t have time to read it until a school break. As it turns out, it was for the best. If I had been reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn before Christmas, there would have been no gifts, no food in our refrigerator, and no ornaments on the tree. It is that good!  It’s hard to describe without giving too much away, but I’ll just say that I spent most of my time wondering who to believe.

For all of you fans of Lauren Myracle’s young adult novels, today’s The New York Times has a profile of her. I don’t know if I could read one of Myracle’s novels written entirely in text messages (ttyl), but Shine has been on my “books to read” list for too long – today’s article moves it to the top of the stack. Here’s the link:


Looking ahead….I was in CVS on December 28 and this is what I saw. Seeing Winnie-the-Pooh is always fun, but I wish CVS could have held off on Valentine’s Day cards until January.


I hope 2013 is full of great reading and safe travels. For me, I’m looking forward to more days at school like this one:



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    • Hi Carie,
      I know what you mean! I’ve been thinking the same thing….I loved Gone Girl and couldn’t put it down, but
      the end kind of bummed me out. Not just what happened, but something else I can’t articulate yet!

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