The Best Halloween Costume!

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This is a bad thing to admit on today of all days, but I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween. I love the candy and the smiling jack-o’-lanterns but the scary stuff quite frankly scares me. Masks and “dark” costumes send me running the other way. Horror movies – no thank you. But, of course, I work in a place where Halloween rivals Christmas!  The students and the teachers love to dress up, and we have a festive parade every year. They are such good sports – all of those little (and big) Spider-Mans and Harry Potters and Cinderellas and Werewolfs.  Years ago I bought an orange sweater, and I always hope that my costume as “a school librarian wearing orange” kind of covers it.

But not this year. This year a student made me a costume!  Here’s the best part of this incredibly sweet gesture. A month or so ago, she came to talk with me about my costume anxiety and to assure me that there was no mask involved and that the costume was very “low key.”  It’s perfect. She made a sandwich board that I can put on over my regular clothes. It includes pictures of favorite books and characters. Check it out:

I love the salute to Leo Lionni’s classic book, Little Blue and Little Yellow. And in that picture you can see part of the trumpet from E.B. White’s Trumpet of the Swan.  There’s Harry Potter, of course, and in the picture on top you can see the Yellow Hat with two little “paws” sticking out from under it. Those would be Curious George hiding under there. It’s a beautiful costume – and I plan on saving it for next year. My orange sweater is about ready to retire.


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