A Quiz, Two Movies and a “Wild” Cake…

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I just answered 25 questions about Charlotte’s Web, and I will admit to being over-confident. I didn’t study, but I thought for sure this would be a slam-dunk. There is no book I know or love more than E.B. White’s classic. But….I took the quiz and my score was 20 out of 25. The questions I missed were about the 1973 movie version which I have seen, but agree with Katherine White that the movie was “a travesty.”  I did not know that Debbie Reynolds donated her time to the movie because she loved the book so much. But I’ll stop there. I’m giving away too many answers, and you may want to take the quiz yourself. Here’s the link:


In other movie related news…

–   Molly Moon, the star of the book series by Georgia Byng, is coming to the big screen. I remember reading these books with my son when he was young, and we both loved them. Our favorite character was Petula, Molly’s black pug.

–    The Book Thief, the 2006 novel by Marcus Zusak, has sold over 2.5 million copies so it is no surprise that a movie is in the works. It is being directed by Brian Percival who is associated with Downton Abbey.

And, lastly, check out this cake made by Charm City Cakes in Los Angeles.  Pretty awesome, isn’t it?  Since I still have trouble making Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese, I don’t think I’ll be taking this on. It looks too good to eat anyway…



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