A Cat With an Evil Plan…

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Isn’t this a great picture?  The cat looks innocent enough, but clearly has evil intentions!

On a brighter note…

1. I heard an interesting report about book shelves today on NPR’s Marketplace Money program. As you might expect, many shelves are having an identity crisis – the Kindles and Nooks just don’t require as much space as books did. Here’s the link:


2. Have you heard about The Book Club Play? It was at the Arena Stage (in Washington, D.C.) last year and is now playing at the Public Theatre in Maine. Book clubs kind of lend themselves to drama so this could be fun. Here’s a link to a conversation with playwright, Karen Zacarias.


3. A note about a type of book, specifically a datebook. On Saturday, I was sitting in front of the New England Conservatory. Standing right in front of me were three students talking about scheduling their next rehearsal. Since they were all in their early 20s, I thought for sure they would pull out their phones to check their schedules, but much to my surprise they had “real” calendars. My family tells me I will be the last person with a paper calendar, but clearly a new generation is discovering their simplicity, reliability and elegance.

Have a good week…


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