Field Trip!

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I spent an hour in a large Barnes and Noble store in Boston yesterday. There was good music playing (which always makes browsing more pleasant) and the Prudential Center store has a Starbucks so it was a good day to wander around and take a few pictures. Here’s what caught my eye over the course of the hour:

Really? The fascinating facts kids should know are about Justin Bieber? What about the American Revolution? Or President Lincoln?  There’s so much to choose from, but I just don’t think Bieber-mania can be counted as information every kid should know.

I have vampire fatigue, and I haven’t even read the Twilight books. I know some readers can’t get enough, and that’s great, but I’m looking forward to the time when these paranormal displays are devoted to a new topic.

This book about the ravens at the Tower of London wins the prize for my favorite book cover of the day.

Lego Man reading!  Pretty cool, huh?

This sign is interesting…Fun Books for Difficult Days. There were some good books in this display. I’m Bored by Michael Ian Black is a really funny new picture book featuring a child, a potato and a flamingo. No, David is always a guaranteed crowd pleaser. And look at that cute owl on the cover of I’m Not Sleepy by Jonathan Allen. Further down in this display was a copy of the classic book for difficult days: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst. Sometimes it’s worth having a bad day just to pull out Viorst’s book and be reminded that difficult days are universal – and temporary.


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