What’s On the Nightstand – and In the CD Player

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A friend asked me what adult books I was reading these days. I think I know what she meant. 50 Shades of Grey will not make it to my nightstand!

I’m currently reading four books:

1. Holes by Louis Sachar (I’m reading this one with Inly’s 6th grade students. It’s been a long time since I’ve read the Newbery-winning novel, but once again I’m in awe at how cleverly Sachar weaves together three stories into one.

2. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (This is our current middle school book. Coelho’s fable provides a great illustration of the hero’s journey.)

3. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (When I get into my car after work, this is the book in my CD player – not literally, of course. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, written in 1943, is a staple of many reading lists and the New York Public Library selected it as one of the “Books of the 20th Century.”  I remember loving it when I was a teenager, but I was too young to understand many of its themes.  The book is raw in its portrayal of poverty and the impact of alcoholism, but Francie Nolan is a memorable character – determined and optimistic.  Sometimes I find myself making up errands just to get back in the car and spend some time with the Nolan family.)

4. Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? by Mindy Kaling (I’m a fan of The Office, but I admit that I have not seen Kaling’s new show, The Mindy Project.  After hearing Kaling on NPR’s Fresh Air, I was in Barnes and Noble and there was her book in paperback!  Funny how those things work… Anyway, I was in the mood to read something different and this book fits the bill. Kaling is really funny – no surprise there. I didn’t know that she got her start playing Ben Affleck in Matt & Ben which she co-wrote. Kaling’s stories about starting her life as a comedy writer are interesting, but more than anything, she seems really nice – like someone you’d want to go to Starbucks with!)

So…that’s what I’m reading now. Next week, it will all be different. I’ll keep you posted.


One thought on “What’s On the Nightstand – and In the CD Player

  1. I got sooo happy when reading this because you are listening to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn!! I don’t know if I told you this but I read it over the summer and LOVED it! (It was on my favorite books list that I sent you!) It would be interesting to listen to it on CD…

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