Seeing the World Through Barbara Kerley’s Eyes

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I took this picture the other day while one of our Children’s House teachers was reading to a group of young children. She is reading A Cool Drink of  Water by Barbara Kerley, one of a series of books about things that unite us.  You can see another book in Kerley’s series, You and Me Together, on the shelf. I love these gentle and lovely books. Each book in the”Photo Inspiration” series features stunning photographs of people participating in everyday activities in a way that reminds kids that while we are very much the same – our lives often look very different.

When this teacher asked the kids where water comes from, one of the kids replied: “It’s simple. You just turn on the faucet.”  A perfectly age appropriate response, right?  But Kerley’s book is a great way to open a conversation about the water cycle, and one of the images may be the first time a child realizes that there are many ways to drink water. All of the books in the series could easily be included in the photography section of a bookstore, although it would be tempting to cut a few of the images out and frame them. The text is minimal. Kerley wisely leaves room space for questions – and wonder.

The books in the Photo Inspiration series are:

You and Me Together: Moms, Dads, and Kids Around the World

A Cool Drink of Water

A Little Peace

One World, One Day

and scheduled for publication in 2013…The World Is Waiting For You


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