Robots in the Library

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I love robots. Not the “real” robots that play an increasingly important role in the manufacturing and medical spheres, but the robots in children’s picture books. As mechanical and hard-edged as they are, most of the robots in picture books are really cute.  Over the past year or so, I’ve acquired a few robots for the school library which, of course, are a big hit with the kids. Just a few hours ago, I heard a few of my toys being wound up to “take a walk” around the library. Here they are:

There are lots of stories about robots for young readers, but one of the best is Ame Dyckman’s Boy and Bot. The beginning is excellent. When the boy and the robot meet, it is treated as the most natural thing in the world. “A boy was collecting pinecones in his wagon when he met a robot.”  Fair enough. The two of them have a grand time until the robot’s switch is turned off.  The boy tries to help his new friend in lots of creative ways. But when the boy’s power runs out (he’s sleeping), his new friend returns the favor.  A story about friendship with a 21st century twist.


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